30 Al Shabaab terrorists killed in a military operation in central Somalia

The Somali army announced on Wednesday the killing of 30 members of the “Al-Shabaab” movement in a military operation in the Galmudug state in central Somalia.

The announcement was made during a press conference by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense, Abdullah Ali Anoud, as reported by the official Somali News Agency.

Anoud mentioned that “the national army killed around 30 members of the terrorist Al Shabaab movement linked to Al Qaeda in the Galdogob District of the Galmudug Regional State” without providing further details.

Somali authorities announced on Tuesday the killing of five Al Shabaab members in a planned military operation in Galmudug.

For several months now, the Somali army has been engaged in a campaign against the Al Shabaab movement across most of the country’s provinces. The movement was established in early 2004 and is linked with Al Qaeda. It has claimed responsibility for numerous bombings causing casualties among civilians, military personnel, and police.

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