Biden designates Kenya as ‘major non-NATO ally’

US president first announced decision to elevate Kenya to such designation in May

Young Kenyan tax protesters plan nationwide demonstrations

Thousands protested in Nairobi and other cities last week, demanding changes

EU council approves support for Kenya’s military

Assistance aims to enhance operational capabilities of Kenyan military to protect territorial integrity, sovereignty, civilians against internal, external threats,’ says EU body

Somalia accuses Ethiopia of illegal border incursions

Somalia’s UN ambassador claims Ethiopian troops violated the border, impacting the scheduled drawdown of the ATMIS peacekeeping mission.

Deadly revenge raid in South Sudan disrupts oil production

Tensions rise in South Sudan as a cattle raid revenge attack leaves 17 dead and disrupts oil production at the Toma South field.

Tech fuels trafficking, Algeria, Egypt, and South Africa off watchlist

The 2024 report blacklists Brunei but recognizes improvements in Algeria, Egypt, and South Africa.

Gas strike in Nigeria is fueling the black market

A dispute between Nigerian petrol station owners and customs over alleged smuggling has led to widespread closures and fuel shortages.

Kenyan elite police set to depart for Haiti after presidential send-off

President Ruto led a flag-off ceremony for 400 Kenyan police officers set to depart for a UN-backed mission in Haiti, overcoming legal issues to stabilize the gang-ridden country.

10 dead, 24 injured in South Africa minibus-truck crash

Mini-bus taxi was transporting passengers from Johannesburg to Mpumalanga en route to Mozambique

Deadly incident at rally marks start of Rwanda’s election campaign

Rwandans will cast their votes on July 15 to elect their next president and lawmakers

Nigeria emerges as Africa’s leading oil producer and exporter

Petroleum is the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, accounting for approximately 90% of export revenues

US military seeks alternate West Africa strategy post Niger expulsion

Brown, arriving in Botswana for talks with African defense leaders, expressed optimism about exploring new partnerships in the region

Kenyan president extends offer for dialogue with protesters

President William Ruto says he is open to dialogue on Finance Bill 2024, as protest against tax hikes continues for 6th consecutive day

Regional partnerships key for landlocked African nations

Uganda and Rwanda highlight the potential of regional cooperation and strategic investments

Egypt cracks down on tourism companies after hajj pilgrim deaths

Medical and security sources report that at least 530 Egyptians died during this year’s hajj pilgrimage

Djenne Mosque: Architectural and cultural icon

Built from sun-baked mud bricks, the Great Mosque of Djenné showcases traditional techniques

Mauritanian president urges West Africa to unite against insurgency

Ahead of the presidential election, Mauritania’s President Ghazouani urged West African nations to unite against insecurity and insurgency, proposing a new alliance if the G5 Sahel proves ineffective.

Ivory Coast pins hope on mobile sign-up for universal healthcare

Ivory Coast launches mobile enrollment centers to address access issues and glitches plaguing the national health coverage program.

Ugandan MPs face corruption charges as Museveni’s govt cracks down

Three Ugandan legislators from the ruling NRM party have been charged with corruption-related offenses, including the diversion of public resources and conspiracy to defraud the government.

Egypt blames tour companies over Hajj deaths, cancels licenses

Egyptian authorities revoke licenses of 16 tour companies linked to the deaths of hundreds of pilgrims during the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.

Italian authorities seize ship allegedly carrying weapons to Libya

Italian law enforcement carried out operation at US authorities’ request and seized weapons worth millions of dollars allegedly bound for Benghazi in Libya, reports media

Militia kills 23 in eastern Congo village attacks

The motive for the attacks remains unclear, though militia violence in Congo is often linked to competition for influence and the region’s rich mineral resources

Elephant kills American tourist in Zambia

The elephant attacked Juliana Gle Tourneau, 64, pulling her out of her parked vehicle and trampling her, officials said

2 killed, more than 200 injured in Kenyan tax protests

Nationwide unrest has led to demands from opposition, protesters for resignations of top police officials

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