African Union suspends Gabon’s membership

The African Union (AU) suspended Gabon’s membership on Thursday as a response to a coup staged by a group of high-ranking Gabonese military officers a day earlier. 

The African Union, which has 55 members, has decided to suspend Gabon’s participation in all AU activities, organs, and institutions until the restoration of constitutional order in the country, in accordance with AU instruments, the Africa Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) said in a statement.

“It strongly condemns the military takeover of power in the Republic of Gabon, which ousted President Ali Bongo,” the statement added.

The military intervention came just days after allegations of fraud in the country’s elections last Saturday, which elected President Ali Bongo for a third term.

Early on Wednesday, military officers announced the seizure of power on national television, canceling the weekend election results and detaining Bongo and other senior government officials.

Gabon is the latest country in Africa to experience a military takeover after members of Niger’s military seized power late last month.

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