After disaster in Libya, Egypt declares emergency to confront Storm Daniel

The Egyptian authorities have declared a state of emergency and raised preparedness levels in the provinces in anticipation of the severe weather conditions caused by Storm Daniel, which has wrought havoc in Libya.

The Ministry of Local Development announced on Tuesday that some governorates in the country are experiencing unstable weather conditions, with varying degrees of rainfall, occasional thunderstorms, and dust storms, along with winds in the governorates of Matrouh and Alexandria.

The Minister of Local Development urged citizens to exercise caution, stay away from trees, billboards, lighting poles, and high-voltage power lines, and take all necessary precautions to ensure their safety during these adverse weather conditions.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority announced that Storm Daniel reached Egypt. They confirmed the continued formation of low and medium clouds with rain over parts of Greater Cairo, the northwestern coastal areas, and the northern Delta, accompanied by light rain in some areas of Greater Cairo. They also expected the dust to dissipate in the northern regions of the country in the coming hours.

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