Attack near Burkina Faso border claims lives of seventeen Nigerien soldiers

A suspected militant attack near Niger’s western border with Burkina Faso resulted in the death of seventeen soldiers on Tuesday, according to the country’s defense ministry.

Late Tuesday, a military detachment fell victim to a terrorist ambush near the town of Koutougou, as stated by the defense ministry.

The statement also reported that an additional 20 soldiers were wounded, with six in serious condition.

During their retreat, the military successfully “neutralized” over 100 assailants, as stated by the army.

For over a decade, a militant insurgency has afflicted the Sahel region of Africa. It initially emerged in northern Mali in 2012 and subsequently spread to Niger and Burkina Faso in 2015.

The area known as the “three borders” region among these three nations frequently witnesses attacks by rebels associated with the Islamic State group and Al Qaeda.

The instability throughout the area has resulted in the deaths of numerous soldiers, police personnel, and civilians, while millions have been compelled to abandon their residences.

The outrage over the violence has played a role in triggering military coups in all three nations since 2020. Niger is the most recent country to experience such a takeover, as President Mohamed Bazoum was ousted in a coup on July 26.

Niger is also contending with an insurgency in its southeastern region, as militants cross over from northeastern Nigeria. This insurgency originates from the campaign initiated by Boko Haram in 2010.

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