Coup attempt in Burkina Faso successfully thwarted

Burkina Faso’s intelligence and security services successfully thwarted a coup attempt against the country’s military rulers, according to authorities.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Burkina Faso’s military leaders revealed that a group of army officers and others had plotted to seize power and plunge the nation into chaos.

Spokesperson Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo announced that those involved in the destabilization attempt had been arrested, with efforts ongoing to apprehend others, although specific details were not provided.

The coup attempt took place on Tuesday, as stated in the announcement. The military government expressed its commitment to shed light on the plot and expressed regret that officers, sworn to defend their homeland, had engaged in such actions.

The military prosecutor reported that four individuals had been arrested, while two remained at large. An investigation was launched based on credible allegations of a conspiracy against state security involving officers.

Earlier this month, three soldiers were arrested and charged with conspiring against the military government led by Captain Ibrahim Traore, who seized power in September 2022, eight months after a previous military coup ousted democratically elected President Roch Marc Kabore.

Despite the coup attempt, Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, remained calm following the military’s announcement.

Demonstrators supportive of the military government took to the streets to show their backing, responding to calls from Traore’s supporters to “defend” him amidst mutiny rumors circulating on social media.

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