Egyptian-Palestinian-Jordanian summit in El Alamein

Today, Monday, an Egyptian-Jordanian-Palestinian summit is being held in the city of El Alamein to discuss the latest developments in the Palestinian issue.

Palestinian Ambassador to Egypt Diab Allouh said in a statement that Mahmoud Abbas, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and Jordanian King Abdullah II will discuss regional, international, and Arab world issues and determine a common position.

The Palestinian diplomat pointed out that “the three leaders will discuss the latest developments in the Palestinian issue and coordinate positions to rally international support for ending the suffering of the Palestinian people and achieving their legitimate national rights in freedom, independence, and the establishment of their state with its capital in East Jerusalem.”

In the statement, the Palestinian ambassador expressed gratitude towards Egypt and its leadership for their role in hosting the summit, recognizing their dedication to backing the Palestinian population and their righteous cause.

Additionally, he praised the continuous endeavors of Jordan, led by King Abdullah II, in safeguarding Jerusalem and its sacred sites.

On January 16th, Cairo hosted a trilateral summit between Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine with the same objectives.

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