Explosion at Chinese-owned quarry in Ghana claims four lives

An explosion at a granite quarry in western Ghana, owned by the Chinese company Omni Quarries, resulted in the loss of at least four lives, including one Chinese national, local officials confirmed on Sunday.

The cause of the blast, which devastated structures near the quarry in Shama district and scattered debris across large areas of agricultural land, remains unclear, said local disaster management official Michael Nyah.

Four additional individuals remain unaccounted for, while two others are in critical condition and are receiving medical care at a regional hospital, according to his statement to media.

“Farmland around has been destroyed and the buildings that are not destroyed have ripped-off ceilings or cracked walls,” he said.

Emmanuel Owu-Ewie, a community assemblyman, reported that late on Friday, he was awakened by portions of his ceiling collapsing.

“Everything has come down; all you see around are electricity poles and trees but the area has been flattened,” he said.

He said rescue efforts were still underway.

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