France violated airspace, destabilising country says Niger’s rulers

Niger’s junta on Wednesday alleged that France had violated its airspace as a part of a larger strategy to disrupt the nation’s stability.

Amid heightened tension, a video statement from junta spokesperson Amadou Abdramane was released, although it lacked evidence as West African leaders were set to convene on Thursday to deliberate on various options, including potential military measures against the junta.

This development also occurred shortly after reports surfaced about a former rebel leader initiating a movement against the junta that assumed control through a coup on July 26.

Anti-French rhetoric has been prevalent during other coups in the region within the last two years, as seen in Mali and Burkina Faso, where the army leaders now supporting the current junta in Niamey are prominently involved.

This isn’t the initial instance where the leaders of the Niger coup have alleged France of violating their airspace. Paris has consistently refuted these claims.

Initially rooted in domestic politics, the coup’s repercussions have extended into an international spectacle. The West African regional bloc ECOWAS, the United Nations, and Western nations have exerted pressure on the junta to relinquish power.

In contrast, Mali and Burkina Faso have pledged their support to defend the junta.

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