Interpol arrests over 100 in West African internet scam investigation

Interpol announced on Tuesday that a transnational inquiry into internet scams perpetrated by West African criminal syndicates has led to the apprehension of over 100 individuals and the confiscation of more than 2 million euros.

Led by law enforcement agencies in May, the investigation named “Operation Jackal” spanned 21 countries across six continents. It focused on cybercriminal organizations like the Nigerian group “Black Axe,” Interpol stated in a release.

Isaac Kehinde Oginni, the director of Interpol’s Financial Crime and Anti-corruption Centre (IFCACC), affirmed that Interpol will relentlessly pursue these criminal groups in cyberspace, regardless of their hiding spots.

From May 15 to 29, a total of 2.15 million euros were either frozen or seized, 103 individuals were apprehended, 1,110 suspects were identified, and 208 bank accounts were placed under blockage.

In a comparable operation in 2022, approximately 1.2 million euros were intercepted, and 75 arrests were made.

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