ISIS terrorism reignites in Mozambique

Tomas Langa, a civil servant in northern Mozambique, narrowly escaped a brutal attack by jihadists on 10 May.

Awoken by heavy gunfire, he saw armed men outside his house in Macomia, Cabo Delgado province, and fled into the countryside, hiding for three days and surviving on cassava plants.

Militants linked to the Islamic State (IS) group targeted government buildings and looted shops in Macomia, maintaining control for two days.

Militants also raided a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) medical facility, forcing MSF to suspend operations.

Alfane Silva, another resident, was detained and threatened by eight armed men. Both he and Langa now live in fear, with no medical facilities or electricity.

Over 700 people fled the violence.

The Southern African Development Community (Sadc) is withdrawing its troops from Mozambique by 15 July, while Rwanda plans to send an additional 2,000 troops.

Despite previous progress in stabilizing the region, attacks have increased since December 2023, displacing over 110,000 people. Security experts warn that without addressing underlying social and economic issues, the insurgency in northern Mozambique will persist.

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