Kenya defies court order, prepares to send police to Haiti

Kenyan police are poised to deploy to Haiti within weeks to spearhead a UN-backed mission tackling gang violence, a senior Kenyan official announced on Sunday.

This comes ahead of President William Ruto’s visit to the US on May 23rd.

Haiti, plagued by poverty, political instability, and natural disasters for decades, seeks assistance in curbing rampant gang activity.

Kenya pledged up to 1,000 personnel last July, filling the void left by nations hesitant to commit their own troops.

However, the deployment faces legal challenges. Kenyan petitioners argue the government is “blatantly” disregarding a January court order deeming the deployment unconstitutional and lacking a reciprocal agreement with Haiti.

This agreement, crucial for police deployments, was reportedly signed in March with then-Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Adding to the confusion, a Haitian source expected a first contingent of 200 Kenyan police by May 2nd, while a Kenyan source suggested arrival by next Tuesday.

Regardless of the exact date, the January court ruling prohibiting police deployment without proper authorization remains a hurdle.

This deployment exemplifies Kenya’s willingness to contribute to international security efforts.

However, navigating legal challenges and ensuring proper agreements are in place will be crucial for the mission’s success.

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