Kenyan president puts forward carbon tax proposal to address climate change

Kenyan President William Ruto on Tuesday proposed a carbon tax aimed at addressing the pressing climate challenges facing the African continent.

Opening the heads of state session during the Africa Climate Summit, Ruto emphasized that implementing a carbon tax system is crucial for not only mitigating climate change but also unlocking new economic opportunities, particularly within the green energy sector.

“To unlock the resources that we need to drive this new investment and financial opportunities, especially for green energy, we believe it is time to have a conversation about the carbon tax,” Ruto told leaders, including at least 16 heads of state, who are currently in the capital Nairobi for the two-day Africa Climate Summit.

Ruto said the tax will be a catalyst for achieving green energy and climate action as the climate crisis is sinking African nations into debt.

“African countries are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis,” he said.

In his address to delegates at the summit, Ruto also highlighted that the carbon tax represents a pragmatic approach to generating the necessary financial resources needed to combat climate change effectively.

He stressed that the funds would be pivotal in financing sustainable initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and fostering environmental conservation.

John Kerry, the climate envoy for the Biden administration, announced that the US will annually allocate $3 million to enhance climate resilience.

Kerry issued a challenge to the world’s leading polluters, urging them to make similar commitments.

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