Lavrov says Russia supports inter-Libyan conference in DRC

During a visit to Congo as part of his Africa tour, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticized the West for its alleged objectives in Ukraine and Libya, supporting reconciliation talks in Libya, and backing an initiative by President Denis Sassou Nguesso to organize an inter-Libyan conference.

Lavrov condemned NATO for the ongoing tragedy in Libya, blaming it for similar situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He emphasized the importance of finding a solution to stabilize Libya, currently divided between a UN-recognized government in Tripoli and a rival administration in the east backed by Moscow.

Regarding Ukraine, Lavrov claimed President Sassou understood Russia’s stance, asserting Ukraine is being used by the West to defeat Russia strategically.

He dismissed the upcoming peace conference in Switzerland without Russian involvement and warned that Western military trainers in Ukraine would be legitimate targets for Russian forces.

Lavrov’s visit underscores Russia’s ongoing diplomatic efforts to challenge Western influence in Africa.

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