Morocco accepts assistance offers from 4 nations after quake

Morocco has announced its acceptance of offers of assistance from Spain, the UK, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates following a 7-magnitude earthquake late Friday.

In a written statement Sunday, Morocco’s Interior Ministry said the country has accepted offers from the four nations to dispatch search and rescue teams.

The authorities carefully assessed the necessary requirements, considering the potential consequences of coordination deficiencies in such situations following the earthquake, the statement added.

The statement said the search and rescue teams entered the country on Sunday to work in coordination with Moroccan teams, and it was emphasized that offers of support from other friendly countries could be accepted based on potential needs in the field.

It also expressed Morocco’s gratitude for the initiatives extended by various countries.

At least 2,122 people were killed and 2,421 others were injured when a magnitude-7 earthquake struck Morocco late Friday, according to the Interior Ministry.

The quake was the strongest to hit the North African country in the last century, according to Morocco’s National Geophysical Institute.

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