Morocco press body files complaint against 2 French papers

A Moroccan media organization said Wednesday it filed a complaint against two French newspapers for their coverage of a devastating earthquake that hit the kingdom earlier this month.

The Moroccan National Press Council (NPC) said it filed a complaint to the Press and Mediation Ethics Council in France, in which it urged appropriate action against Charlie Hebdo and Liberation for their “unethical coverage” and breach of ethical journalism standards during coverage to the catastrophe.

It noted that it had documented violations and incitement by the newspapers for Morocco’s rejection of a French proposal for support after the quake.

It said Charlie Hebdo published a caricature Sept. 15 that incited “a lack of solidarity and discouraging contributions to support the victims of the earthquake in Morocco.”

NPC also said Liberation featured a story of a female quake victim with a title: “Help us, we are dying in silence,” but after verification, NPC discovered the newspaper published content that contradicted her actual words.

The magnitude 7 earthquake killed nearly 3,000 people and injured thousands, according to official figures.

Morocco rejected most offers of aid from other countries but accepted help from Spain, the UK, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to take part in rescue efforts.

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