Namibia halts poultry imports from Denmark, Netherlands due to bird flu

Namibia has implemented a temporary ban on the importation of live poultry, birds, and poultry-related items from Denmark and the Netherlands due to the emergence of highly pathogenic avian influenza in these European nations.

European nations have faced the significant impact of avian influenza, commonly referred to as bird flu, over the past few years. This outbreak has resulted in the culling of millions of birds within the last two years, disrupting the availability of poultry meat and eggs.

The temporary ban will impact poultry items originating from Denmark, packaged on or after June 28, and poultry products from the Netherlands, packaged on or after July 11.

This directive was communicated in a statement dated August 2 by Namibia’s veterinary services directorate and was made public on Friday.

Shipments of poultry products found to be affected will either be returned to their respective countries of origin or disposed of at the importer’s expense. The statement further noted that cooked poultry meat products intended for commercial use can still be brought in, provided a veterinary permit is obtained.

The southern African country’s monthly consumption of chicken reaches around 2,500 tons, primarily fulfilled through imports, particularly from neighboring South Africa, in order to satisfy the demand.

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