Nigerian president says diplomacy is ‘best way forward’ on Niger

Niger’s President Bola Tinubu, the leader of the West African bloc ECOWAS, asserted on Tuesday that diplomacy stands as the most favorable path to resolve the crisis in Niger, as stated by his spokesperson in a media briefing.

The regional bloc had presented the military junta that took control in Niamey on July 26 with a seven-day ultimatum to restore Mohamed Bazoum to power or confront the potential application of force. However, the coup leaders chose to disregard the admonition.

A crisis summit is scheduled to convene in the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Thursday.

Tinubu and other West African leaders favor a resolution achieved through diplomatic and peaceful methods, rather than any alternative, stated spokesman Ajuri Ngelale.

“That will be a position that is maintained going forward, pending any other resolution that may or may not result from the ECOWAS extraordinary summit holding on Thursday”, Ngelale added.

He did not confirm whether military intervention in Niger had been excluded.

The Nigerian president’s stance is clear that diplomacy is the optimal path, representing the unified view of the ECOWAS heads of state, the spokesperson affirmed.

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