No more EU troops in Niger: Military mission ends 

The European Union (EU) announced on Monday the termination of its military mission in Niger, citing the country’s deteriorating political situation following a 2023 coup.

The mission, established in 2022, comprised roughly 50-100 troops focused on logistical and infrastructure support in the fight against militant groups in the Sahel region.

Prior to the coup, Niger had been a key partner of Western nations in their efforts to combat violent extremism in the Sahel.

However, the new military leadership has pursued a realignment of its foreign partnerships, pushing for the withdrawal of French and American troops while strengthening ties with Russia.

The EU’s decision reflects concerns about the legitimacy of the junta-led government and the potential risks associated with operating in such an environment.

This move comes as a blow to regional counterterrorism efforts, as Niger plays a critical role in the fight against militant groups operating across the Sahel.

The withdrawal of European troops adds to the complexities of the ongoing conflict in the Sahel, raising concerns about the capacity of regional militaries to effectively counter the threat posed by extremist organizations.

The international community will likely need to reassess its strategy and consider alternative approaches to address the persistent security challenges plaguing the region.

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