Police in Nigeria conduct raid on same-sex wedding, detain 67

Nigerian authorities conducted a raid on a gay wedding, an act prohibited in the country, in the southern city of Warri in Delta state and arrested 67 individuals during the operation, according to an official statement.

Information regarding the event surfaced during a police questioning session on August 27 involving a male cross-dresser found dressed as a female, as conveyed by Edafe Bright, a spokesperson for the Delta police.

In Nigeria, as is the case across much of Africa, homosexuality is commonly regarded as unacceptable, and despite global criticism, a law against homosexuality was implemented in 2014. While cross-dressing isn’t illegal, it often encounters social disapproval.

“The policemen chased and arrested a total number of 67 suspects both male and female for allegedly conducting and attending a same-sex wedding ceremony,” Bright said.

Efforts were underway to arrest others who fled the scene, Bright said.

The anti-gay legislation in Africa’s most populous country includes a potential prison sentence of up to 14 years for individuals found guilty as this law also prohibits gay marriage, same-sex relationships, and involvement in gay rights organizations.

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