Portable homes can be answer to Nigeria’s housing crisis – develop...

An Abuja-based company, Just Fix It Synergy Nigeria Limited, is calling for the use of mobile homes to address the housing issue in Nigeria.

The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Mekwunye Prince, suggested that given the rapid rate at which moveable houses can be manufactured, approximately 100 units in six months, this approach could provide a solution to mass housing needs.

He explained that it takes approximately 21 days to produce a single unit of these houses, with the ability to manufacture seven units in just six weeks. These houses also come equipped with solar installations among other unique features.

These houses are constructed using a blend of shipping containers, insulated fibre cement board, and interior finishes with Plaster of Paris (POP), along with other sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

The designs range from studio apartments to spacious flats and duplexes, catering to various residential needs, including those for military and paramilitary operations.

“Moveable houses are quick solutions to housing problem because in a short time, we mobilise more workforce and in less than six months, can produce up to a 100-units of houses. The idea is that you must have a piece of land that we can set up an apartment and whenever you don’t want to live there anymore, you dismantle and move it to another location.”

“Whatever the client wants inside, we design it. We are proposing a low-income green city project, which is a small city with cabins, with each powered by solar, which would not be linked to electricity or generator. The more amenities required, the higher the cost,” he said.

In terms of designs, he explained that there are various options available. A 14-square-meter space can accommodate both a room and a toilet, while a 15-square-meter area can house a room, toilet, and a small kitchen.

For larger spaces, a 40-footer design includes a room, a living area, two toilets, and a kitchen. Additionally, there are designs available for three- and four-bedroom duplexes, bungalows, and even warehouses.

“It is as good as a house, the difference is that the users need to understand that it is a cabin and won’t have to pierce it. The design takes care of various space requirements for electronics, wardrobe, hanging of pictures and the owner don’t need to hit the walls. We have temporary locations for the built houses, so that we can easily move them where there is demand.”

“The cost can vary from different parts of the country because the material can be cheaper in one location than the other. Where you have mass demand, the cost will definitely drop. The prices range between N3 and N30million,” he added.

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