Refugees sent to Rwanda from remote UK ssland speak out

A group of Sri Lankan Tamil migrants transferred from Diego Garcia, a UK territory, to Rwanda by the British government over a year ago, feel isolated and unsafe.

Describing Rwanda as an “open prison,” they report harassment, unwanted sexual advances, and inadequate medical care. Each migrant receives $50 weekly for essentials but cannot work.

The migrants, victims of past torture and sexual violence, were sent to Rwanda for urgent medical care after attempting suicide.

They now live in Kigali, in UK-funded flats, and are too scared to go outside, waiting for permanent resettlement. Rwandan officials deny their claims, maintaining faith in the country’s medical system and safety.

Despite having been granted international protection by the British Indian Ocean Territory administration, the UK refuses to accept them.

The migrants have repeatedly requested relocation, citing unresolved safety concerns and poor treatment in Rwanda. The situation raises doubts about Rwanda’s suitability as a safe haven for vulnerable refugees, amid the UK’s controversial asylum policy.

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