Somalia confident, requests end to UN political mission

Somalia has requested the United Nations to terminate its political mission, UNSOM, when its mandate expires in October. 

This surprise move comes after over a decade of UN support in Somalia’s transition to democracy and stability following decades of conflict.

UNSOM was established in 2013 to assist Somali authorities in building a functioning government, promoting the rule of law, and fostering peace.

In a letter to the UN Security Council, Somali Foreign Minister Ahmed Moallim Fiqi acknowledged UNSOM’s “crucial role” in promoting peace and development. 

However, he stressed that Somalia is now “ready to transition to the next phase” and requested the mission’s termination.

This decision comes despite the Security Council urging UNSOM to maintain its presence last October due to ongoing concerns about instability and the humanitarian crisis in Somalia.

Somalia’s request reflects a growing trend in Africa where countries are seeking greater control over their security and governance. 

Similar situations have unfolded in Mali and Sudan, where UN political missions were forced to withdraw at the request of the host governments.

The UN’s ability to deploy missions hinges on host country approval. 

Somalia’s decision raises questions about the future of UN involvement in the region and its capacity to address ongoing instability and humanitarian needs.

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