Sources say EU is preparing sanctions against Niger

Sources informed media on Wednesday that European Union countries have initiated the preliminary steps to impose the initial sanctions on individuals belonging to the Niger junta, which took control of power in the West African nation last month.

Up to this point, the new military leadership has declined international diplomatic mediation efforts. Nations neighboring Niger that support the armed takeover have appealed to the United Nations to intervene and prevent a potential military intervention as threatened by other West African states.

An EU official engaged in sanction-related activities and an EU diplomat conveyed that the European Union has initiated discussions about the standards for implementing punitive measures.

The official explained that these criteria would encompass actions like “undermining of democracy” in Niger and are expected to be agreed upon in the near future.

“The next step would be sanctions against individual members of the junta” deemed responsible, said the EU diplomat.

According to the official and another EU diplomat, national officials were engaged in discussions regarding this matter on Wednesday.

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