South Africa’s parliament to elect new president

South Africa’s newly elected parliament members will choose the country’s next president on Friday, during their first sitting, according to a statement from the office of the chief justice on Monday.

Following the May 29 elections, which saw President Cyril Ramaphosa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) lose its parliamentary majority for the first time since 1994.

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo will administer the oath to the 400 members of parliament, who will then elect a speaker and deputy speaker before selecting the president.

The ANC, which secured 159 seats down from 230 in 2019, will see Ramaphosa as its candidate, potentially relying on smaller parties for support.

Ramaphosa has announced plans for a government of national unity, addressing key issues like job creation, economic growth, and tackling crime and corruption, reflecting the priorities highlighted during the election.

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