Ugandan police arrest 5 people, recover explosives in Kampala bomb plot

Ugandan police have apprehended an additional five individuals and uncovered five additional explosives in the vicinity of the capital, Kampala in a bombing conspiracy associated with an Islamist rebel group, authorities confirmed on Tuesday.

Nestled within the jungles of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) declares its allegiance to the Islamic State militant movement. Over the years, this group has consistently targeted both civilian and military entities in both Congo and Uganda.

Ugandan authorities apprehended their initial suspect carrying a bag containing a bomb outside a crowded church on Sunday, triggering a manhunt that resulted in an additional five arrests and the recovery of five more improvised explosive devices, as reported by the police.

The police announced late on Monday that the bombs were safely detonated, and they successfully recovered items such as nails, batteries, and powder detonators.

“A threat environment still exists … which calls for vigilance as they (Ugandans) go shopping, travelling at places of worship, partying and celebrating, for any suspicious objects, unusual activity or behaviour,” police said.

Attacks attributed to the ADF and Islamic State have included a tragic massacre in June this year, claiming the lives of 42 individuals, predominantly students. Additionally, in 2021, a series of suicide bombings resulted in the deaths of seven people.

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