UK’s new leader Keir Starmer cancels costly Rwanda asylum plan

British Prime Minister Keir Starmer, on his first full day in office, announced the cancellation of a contentious Conservative policy to deport asylum-seekers to Rwanda.

He emphasized the need for change, although he warned it will take time.

“The Rwanda scheme was dead and buried before it started,” Starmer stated in his initial news conference.

He argued that the policy never served as a deterrent and had quite the opposite effect.

This announcement was anticipated, as Starmer had pledged to scrap the costly plan.

The plan, which cost hundreds of millions, never actually commenced.

Following his first Cabinet meeting, Starmer addressed the nation’s myriad issues.

He aimed to gain public trust, strained by years of austerity, political chaos, and a struggling economy.

Welcoming new ministers at 10 Downing St., Starmer expressed his honor at forming a government, officially appointed by King Charles III.

He stressed the urgent need to begin addressing the country’s significant challenges immediately.

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