US exits key Niger base after military junta ends ties

US troops have withdrawn from their base in Niamey, Niger’s capital, and are set to fully depart Agadez by September 15, as per the country’s military rulers.

Both nations confirmed this on Sunday.

Niger’s military leaders ended a military cooperation deal with Washington in March after taking power in a coup in July 2023.

The US had 650 soldiers in Niger for anti-militant missions.

The United States had a significant drone base near Agadez. Niger and the US Defence Departments announced that the withdrawal of American forces and equipment from Niamey base 101 is complete.

A final flight carrying US troops was scheduled to leave Niamey late Sunday.

The US initially had around 950 troops, and 766 soldiers have already departed Niger since the military ordered their exit.

American forces will now focus on withdrawing from Airbase 201 in Agadez, aiming for completion by September 15.

Niger has also ordered the withdrawal of French troops and has strengthened ties with Russia.

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