Despite the war, Sudan produces 2 tons of gold worth $124 million

Sudan’s Assistant Director-General for Financial and Administrative Affairs Dr. Meqdam Khalil Ibrahim said on Thursday that during the period from mid-April to the end of August, the total gold produced by organised companies was 2 tons with 999.9 purity.

The financial value of this production reached $124 million, with the government’s share being $25.5 million.

Dr. Meqdam praised the increasing efforts made by the The Sudanese Mineral Resources Company staff, including supervisors, production managers, and mining market directors in the producing states. He expected gold production to continue to rise by the end of the current year due to the high enthusiasm and dedication of employees.

The company continues to fulfil its national mission of supporting the economy, covering state employees’ salaries, and bridging gaps in food, electricity, and petroleum products.

He emphasised the importance of increasing production and maintaining the leading role of the The Sudanese Mineral Resources Company as a driver of the national economy through safe and advanced mining practices.

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