Egyptian pharmaceutical exports to Sudan target 300% increase

During a meeting that included several pharmaceutical companies, the Export Council for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies discussed the mechanisms for exporting to Sudan in the current circumstances and how to deal with the evolving situation there.

Egypt’s pharmaceutical exports to Sudan in 2022 amounted to $37 million, according to Maged George, the President of the Export Council for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies.

George further explained that the council aims to achieve an increase of at least 300% in terms of value within a year of Sudan’s recent decision to allow products from registered factories, even if they have a license for only one drug. Regarding the availability of unregistered products, the target is to expand by introducing 120 to 300 new pharmaceutical products, as stated in a council statement.

He mentioned that shipments of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies are facilitated to enter the Sudanese market, given the noticeable increase in demand due to the current circumstances.

He further explained that the council will prepare a list of the most in-demand pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in Sudan at present and distribute it to the manufacturing companies in Egypt that are members of the Export Council.

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