Nigerians protest government’s electricity price hike

Nigerian labor unions staged nationwide protests on Monday against the government’s recent hike in electricity prices.

This follows the removal of electricity subsidies by President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

Union members, primarily government workers, picketed offices of public electricity utilities in major cities. 

They demanded the government address the price hikes, which they argue exacerbate the country’s existing cost-of-living crisis.

The price increase, which saw electricity rates more than double for some consumers in April, is aimed at reducing government spending. 

This comes as Africa’s most populous nation grapples with declining revenue due to dwindling investments and oil theft.

However, protestors expressed frustration that the higher prices haven’t translated into improved electricity supply.

Nigeria has long struggled with inconsistent power, leaving many citizens frustrated with unreliable service.

Joe Ajaero, president of the Nigerian Labor Congress, the umbrella body for the unions, emphasized that Nigerians cannot sustain continuous electricity price hikes. 

He stated that the protests represent the widespread discontent felt by the public.

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