Bomb kills 7 soldiers in Pakistan, raising security concerns

A roadside bomb attack in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday killed seven soldiers, including an army captain, highlighting a recent surge in militant attacks targeting security forces.

The attack occurred in Lakki Marwat district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, bordering Afghanistan.

While no group claimed responsibility, suspicion falls on the Pakistani Taliban (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, TTP), known for a strong presence in the region.

This incident adds to a worrying trend.

Pakistan has witnessed a rise in militant attacks, particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Just last year, a suicide bombing disguised as a police officer attack in Peshawar killed over 100 people, mostly police officers.

According to a report by the Peshawar counter-terrorism department (CTD), 65 police officials have died and 86 were injured in terrorist incidents within the province in the past five months alone.

While police have reportedly killed 117 militants and arrested 299 others, concerns remain.

Most attacks this year have seen militants claim responsibility, raising anxieties.

Pakistan blames the Afghan Taliban government for harboring TTP fighters across the border.

However, the Afghan Taliban maintains it prohibits any use of Afghan soil for violence against other countries. Notably, TTP has also denied using Afghanistan for attacks within Pakistan.

The situation underscores the complex security challenges in the region.

With rising attacks and ongoing finger-pointing, international cooperation and addressing root causes of militancy become even more crucial.

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