Denmark to ban Quran burnings – justice minister

Denmark declared its intention on Friday to prohibit Quran burnings, following a series of desecrating incidents of Islam’s holy book within the country.

The government will introduce a bill aimed at “prohibiting the inappropriate treatment of objects of significant religious importance to a religious community,” stated Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard in a briefing with reporters.

Hummelgaard emphasized that Quran burnings are an act of fundamental disrespect and lack of empathy, causing harm to both Denmark and its interests.

He clarified that the legislation primarily targets burnings and desecrations conducted in public spaces.

The proposed legislation will be integrated into chapter 12 of Denmark’s penal code, which addresses issues related to national security.

“We can’t continue to stand by with our arms crossed while several individuals do everything they can to provoke violent reactions,” he said.

Hummelgaard noted that the primary “motivation” for the ban is national security.

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