Devastating floods in Afghanistan kill dozens, many missing

Heavy rains and subsequent flash floods tore through Afghanistan’s Baghlan province on Friday, claiming the lives of at least 50 people, mostly women and children, according to Hedayatullah Hamdard, head of the provincial natural disaster management department.

The death toll is expected to rise as rescue efforts continue.

Unprepared for the sudden deluge caused by seasonal rains, residents faced the full force of the flooding.

Emergency personnel are currently searching for survivors amidst the mud and debris, with assistance from the national army and police.

Fears of further downpours have added to the grim situation.

The immediate aftermath has left many homeless, with local authorities providing dozens of tents, blankets, and food for those displaced.

Graphic social media footage depicts the devastation, showcasing raging torrents of muddy water engulfing roads and houses.

Images of bodies shrouded in cloth and children crying offer a glimpse of the human cost of this disaster.

This tragedy comes on the heels of a series of floods that have ravaged Afghanistan since mid-April.

The flooding has claimed over 100 lives across 10 provinces, impacting a significant portion of the nation’s agriculture-dependent population (around 80%).

Afghanistan’s vulnerability to climate change is further exacerbated by this disaster.

The relatively dry winter left the soil less receptive to the heavy rainfall, highlighting the country’s unpreparedness for such events.

As a nation still recovering from decades of war, Afghanistan ranks as one of the poorest and most vulnerable to the consequences of global warming, despite contributing a mere 0.06% to global greenhouse gas emissions.

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