Haiti forms new cabinet to tackle gang crisis

Haiti has formed a new government tasked with restoring stability and security in the face of escalating gang violence and political turmoil. The announcement comes two weeks after the appointment of Garry Conille as interim Prime Minister by the country’s transitional council.

Conille, a former UNICEF regional director and briefly Haiti’s Prime Minister from 2011-2012, will also hold the critical position of Interior Minister. Haitian authorities hope these new appointments will bolster the fight against gang violence that has crippled the nation.

Fresh Faces, Difficult Challenges

The new cabinet includes Dominique Dupuy, Haiti’s representative at UNESCO, who will head the Foreign Affairs Ministry. This signals a potential shift in diplomatic strategy as Haiti navigates the international community’s support for tackling the crisis.

However, the new government faces immense challenges. Haiti has been in turmoil since President Jovenel Moise’s assassination in 2021. Former Prime Minister Ariel Henry, appointed before the killing, struggled to address the country’s descent into chaos. He resigned in March, paving the way for a transitional council and the current government.

Gang Rule and Hope for Intervention

Gang violence has ravaged Haiti for years, but recent coordinated attacks in the capital by armed groups aimed to overthrow Henry brought the situation to a head. These attacks have disrupted food supplies and humanitarian aid, while gang control of parts of Port-au-Prince has resulted in widespread human rights abuses.

A promised UN-backed security force led by Kenya offers a glimmer of hope. Kenyan President William Ruto has indicated a potential deployment within weeks, with 1,000 Kenyan officers supported by personnel from other countries.

The new government’s effectiveness will depend on their ability to curb gang violence and pave the way for the first elections since 2016. Conille recently praised security forces for enabling the resumption of flights at the capital’s airport, a positive sign amidst the ongoing crisis.

Haiti’s path to stability remains uncertain, but the new government and potential international intervention offer a chance to address the deep-seated issues plaguing the nation.

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