Hamas seeks US assurances on Gaza ceasefire plan, sources report

According to two Egyptian security sources, Hamas requires written assurances from the United States for a permanent ceasefire and the removal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip before endorsing a U.S.-supported truce proposal.

Hamas’ response to the phased ceasefire plan, facilitated by mediators Qatar and Egypt, was disclosed on Tuesday without specific details.

The plan, introduced by U.S. President Joe Biden in late May, outlines a gradual process involving the release of Israeli hostages, Israeli troop reduction, Palestinian prisoner release, Gaza reconstruction, and repatriation of deceased hostages.

While the United States claims Israel’s acceptance of the proposal, Hamas voices concerns over the absence of explicit guarantees for transitioning between phases, particularly from the temporary truce to a permanent ceasefire and Israeli withdrawal.

Hamas insists on these guarantees, with Egypt conveying their demand to the U.S.

Hamas’ positive response to the proposal, announced on Tuesday, is seen as a step towards agreement, although an anonymous Israeli official alleges significant alterations to key parameters, indicating a rejection of Biden’s hostage release proposition.

Hamas response reportedly includes a revised timeline for a permanent ceasefire and Israeli troop withdrawal, encompassing Rafah.

The conflict in Gaza, which began with Hamas’ attack on Israel in October, has resulted in substantial casualties and hostages, prompting ongoing mediation efforts by the U.S., Egypt, and Qatar.

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