Israel allows 68 people from Gaza to Egypt for medical care

Israeli authorities reported that 68 people, including 19 sick or wounded children and their companions, were allowed to leave the Gaza Strip for Egypt.

This marks the first medical evacuation since early May when Israel shut down the sole travel crossing.

The nearly nine-month-long Israel-Hamas conflict has severely impacted Gaza’s health sector, forcing most hospitals to close.

Health officials estimate thousands need medical treatment abroad, with hundreds of urgent cases.

COGAT, the Israeli military body overseeing Palestinian civilian affairs, stated that the evacuation was coordinated with officials from the United States, Egypt, and the international community.

The children and their companions exited Gaza through the Kerem Shalom cargo crossing, traveling to Egypt and beyond for medical care.

Family members, anxious and tearful, said their goodbyes at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis.

Parents like Nour Abu Zahri and Kamela Abukweik expressed heartbreak as their children left for treatment.

Zahri’s daughter has severe burns, while Abukweik’s son has unexplained tumors and a constant fever. Both parents were unable to accompany their children.

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