Israelis burn truck misidentified as Palestinian support

In a dramatic escalation in the occupied West Bank, dozens of Israeli protesters attacked a truck, assaulting its driver and setting the vehicle ablaze, the Israeli military reported on Friday.

The assailants were believed to be attempting to prevent aid from reaching Gaza. Soldiers who attempted to intervene were also attacked, resulting in minor injuries to two officers and a soldier, according to military sources.

Israeli media later clarified that the truck was transporting ordinary commercial goods, not aid designated for Gaza.

The incident occurs against the backdrop of a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where approximately 1.1 million Palestinians are facing starvation, as reported by the United Nations.

Israeli restrictions on land border crossings, compounded by intense fighting, have significantly hindered the delivery of essential supplies, including food and medical aid, to the beleaguered population.

In an effort to mitigate the dire situation, a newly constructed U.S. floating pier on Gaza’s coast commenced operations on Friday, unloading trucks of aid for the enclave.

Despite this development, both the U.S. and aid organizations caution that the sea route cannot replace the volume of supplies that can be delivered via land routes, emphasizing the ongoing need for unimpeded land access to deliver critical food, water, and fuel to Gaza.

Amid these developments, Israel defended its military operations in Gaza at the United Nations’ top court on Friday, vehemently denying allegations of genocide against Palestinians.

Israel asserted that it is taking measures to protect the civilian population during its military campaign. Meanwhile, South Africa has petitioned the International Court of Justice to mandate a cease-fire, reflecting growing international concern over the conflict.

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