Modi sworn in for third term amidst Indian coalition deal

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on his third term after a surprising turn in the election results, which necessitated forming alliances with coalition partners to ensure governance.

Despite the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) having governed independently for the past decade, their failure to replicate previous landslide victories led to Modi engaging in rapid negotiations with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to secure parliamentary support.

In the wake of these developments, Modi’s office announced the formation of a 71-member cabinet, with 11 ministers from NDA allies, though specifics were not disclosed.

This marked a reduction from his previous cabinet, which comprised 81 ministers.

Against the backdrop of a solemn ceremony at the presidential palace, Modi, flanked by key BJP officials and coalition leaders, pledged allegiance to the constitution, adorned in a traditional white kurta shirt and blue waistcoat, as thousands looked on.

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