NATO prepared for defense, calls for increased equipment

NATO countries are prepared to defend themselves but need to ramp up production of military equipment, according to General Christopher Cavoli, Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

Speaking on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Cavoli acknowledged the alliance’s shift in focus from “out-of-area operations” to defending its own territory in light of the Russia-Ukraine war.

While a large-scale exercise like Steadfast Defender 24 showcased NATO’s collective defense capabilities, Cavoli emphasized the need for a stronger industrial base.

The war in Ukraine has exposed limitations in quickly manufacturing essential equipment.

Both sides have consumed vast amounts of ammunition and weaponry.

Defense manufacturers are working to increase production, but it takes time.

NATO nations are committed to bolstering their industrial capacity.

Cavoli stressed the importance of learning from the Ukraine conflict, including innovative uses of technology and tactics employed by both sides.

A new “lessons learned” center in Poland will be established for this purpose.

Beyond equipment, Cavoli highlighted the importance of skilled personnel.

“Our soldiers, our airmen, our marines, our sailors who are true experts,” he said, are the ultimate advantage NATO possesses.

The D-Day commemorations served as a reminder of the sacrifices made for freedom.

The enduring US-French friendship and the strength of the alliance were emphasized by Cavoli, who pointed to the warm welcome received by US troops in Normandy.

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