North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to visit Russia in coming days, says Kremlin

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to visit Russia for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin. Both countries confirmed the visit on Monday. US officials have indicated that their discussions may include potential arms deals.

The Kremlin stated that Kim’s visit is in response to an invitation from Putin, while North Korean state news agency KCNA mentioned that the two leaders will “meet and have a talk” without providing further details.

According to South Korean media, it appears that the North Korean leader has departed on a special train heading for Russia. However, as of now, neither Moscow nor Pyongyang has officially confirmed the precise schedule for the visit.

Kim’s journey for his second summit with Putin has garnered significant attention from governments due to recent indications of increased military cooperation between North Korea and Russia. This cooperation has raised concerns, especially in light of Russia’s ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Despite both Pyongyang and Moscow denying these claims, the United States has asserted that negotiations are progressing actively for North Korea to provide arms to Russia. Russia has expended significant quantities of weaponry during its more than 18 months of warfare in Ukraine.

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