Russia considers removing sanctions on Taliban

Russian envoy to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, hinted Monday that Moscow might lift sanctions against the Taliban.

This comes as Afghan authorities met with global representatives in Doha, Qatar.

Envoys, including Russia‚Äôs, gathered for a two-day summit discussing Afghanistan’s future.

The Taliban have urged for the removal of sanctions during this meeting.

“The Taliban are now the de facto authorities,” Nebenzya said.

He emphasized recognizing and dealing with this fact, as the movement controls Afghanistan.

Nebenzya mentioned discussions about lifting Taliban sanctions but didn’t provide specifics.

Since taking power in 2021, the Taliban government remains unrecognized internationally.

Despite keeping sanctions, Russia maintains an embassy in Kabul.

The Doha talks mark the first summit including the Taliban authorities, questioning the fairness of ongoing sanctions.

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