Serbia, Montenegro urge residents to stay indoors amid heatwave

As scorching temperatures hit Serbia and Montenegro, residents sought relief at Belgrade’s Ada Ciganlija lake, fountains, and cafes on Thursday. The Serbian government ordered employers to protect outdoor workers from the extreme heat.

Meteorologists predict temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) throughout Serbia this week, driven by hot and dry winds from North Africa. Health authorities issued a “red” weather alert, advising people to stay indoors. Belgrade’s emergency services reported over 100 overnight interventions, primarily aiding individuals with heart and chronic conditions.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment instructed employers to schedule outdoor work to avoid heavy physical labor and direct sun exposure.

“I believe this is all due to climate change causing such temperatures,” said 23-year-old student Vojislav Sumenkovic.

In neighboring Montenegro, health authorities similarly advised people to stay out of the sun until late afternoon. Despite the heat, tens of thousands of tourists visited Adriatic beaches, including the Ada Bojana resort near the Albanian border.

“It (heat) is kind of challenging, but we are in the water, on the beach,” said Kolya, a 35-year-old tourist from Germany.

Meanwhile, in Greece, firefighters battled wildfires near Athens on Wednesday, which forced dozens to evacuate. Authorities suspect the fires were caused by arson and exacerbated by the hot, dry conditions.

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