Taiwan leader vows defense as China conducts war games

Taiwanese forces tracked dozens of Chinese warplanes and navy vessels off the island’s coast for the second consecutive day on Friday.

This activity coincided with large-scale military exercises launched by Beijing to express displeasure with Taiwan’s new leadership, which rejects China’s claim that Taiwan is a part of its territory.

China has ramped up its media presence, releasing videos portraying its military encircling and engaging targets within Taiwan.

Despite this aggressive display, daily life in Taiwan continued as usual, with its 23 million residents accustomed to the ever-present threat of invasion since the 1949 split.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense reported tracking 49 Chinese aircraft and 19 naval vessels, including coast guard ships, within a 24-hour period.

Notably, 35 of these planes crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, the unofficial border between the two sides.

In response, Taiwan has placed its military on high alert, particularly around the Taiwan-controlled Kinmen and Matsu islands located closer to China’s coast.

Taiwan’s newly inaugurated president, Lai Ching-te, reaffirmed the country’s commitment to freedom and democracy during a visit to a marine base on Thursday.

The United States echoed this sentiment, expressing concern over China’s “reckless” actions and urging them to exercise restraint.

President Lai, in his inauguration speech, called upon China to cease military intimidation and reiterated Taiwan’s status as a sovereign nation.

China, on the other hand, claims these expanded exercises are a response to “separatist forces” seeking Taiwanese independence.

Beijing regularly sends military vessels and aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace and surrounding waters, aiming to erode Taiwan’s defenses and intimidate its populace.

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson, Chen Binhua, accused the new Taiwanese leadership of challenging the “one-China principle” and promoting a “two-state theory” through their stance.

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