Chad prepares for 1 million refugees by 2024 end

The Chadian government is anticipating a staggering influx of refugees and returnees nearing one million by the conclusion of this year, underscoring the ongoing turmoil in neighboring Sudan and the persistent stream of displaced individuals seeking safety.

Recent weeks have witnessed a surge in arrivals following intensified conflict in El Fasher, North Darfur, and reports of atrocities in Al Jazirah State, propelling the number of Sudanese refugees in Chad to over 600,000 since the conflict’s onset in April 2023, as reported by the United Nations.

The humanitarian agency forecasts continued escalation in arrivals, citing ongoing violence compelling civilians to flee, with approximately 1,000 people daily crossing into South Sudan.

While neighboring nations have shown solidarity in accommodating refugees, overstretched services in host communities pose significant challenges for resettlement, livelihoods, and recovery efforts.

The regional response has expanded to include Libya and Uganda alongside Central African Republic, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

However, the strain on local services persists as more refugees arrive, exacerbating shelter shortages and humanitarian needs.

Amid the conflict’s prolonged impact, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and its partners appeal for increased resources, now totaling $1.5 billion, to sustain support for up to 3.3 million displaced individuals and host communities until the year’s end.

The humanitarian situation remains precarious, with millions in urgent need of assistance as they endure displacement, violence, and deteriorating living conditions.

As Sudan’s crisis persists, humanitarian efforts are further complicated by impending heavy rains, which threaten to impede aid delivery to border regions.

The situation underscores the critical need for sustained international support to alleviate the suffering and displacement affecting millions across the region.

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