Specter of famine threatens more than 6 million people in Sudan – UN

The Deputy Head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Sudan said that the overall situation in the country is catastrophic. He warned that famine specter threatens more than 6 million people.

Sudanese medical sources reported the death of 18 people and the infection of 265 with cholera in the border state of Al-Qadarif with Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, paramedics warned of the spread of cholera and dengue fever across the country with the onset of the seasonal rains and the impact of the war on the healthcare system there.

The Sudanese Doctors Union indicated the registration of 3,398 cases of dengue fever in the states of Al-Qadarif, Red Sea, North Kordofan, and Khartoum from mid-April to mid-September of this year.

Last week, the United Nations reported that over 1,200 children have died due to suspected measles and malnutrition in displaced camps in the White Nile state. Cholera, dengue fever, and malaria pose ongoing threats across the country.

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