Uganda welcomes thousands of Sudanese refugees, says UN

Uganda is seeing a significant increase in Sudanese refugees, with over 33,000 arrivals, including 19,000 in Kampala since the beginning of 2024, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Most of these refugees are fleeing prolonged conflict in Sudan, particularly from Khartoum, many possessing university-level education.

The influx, part of an average weekly arrival of 2,500 people from countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and South Sudan, driven by ongoing conflicts and climate challenges, is straining Uganda’s refugee and host community services.

Shortfalls in funding have particularly impacted health and education sectors, leading to reduced staffing in health centers, inadequate supplies, and overcrowded schools with insufficient teachers and materials.

Critical protection services, including refugee registration, face delays due to equipment shortages, while efforts to support refugees with income-generating activities have been curtailed.

UNHCR and Ugandan officials have engaged with international partners to address funding gaps, crucial for maintaining Uganda’s progressive refugee policies and supporting refugees towards self-reliance.

Despite Uganda’s historically robust refugee support framework, concerns arise over potential shifts in policy if funding challenges persist, prompting some refugees to seek support in neighboring countries as resources dwindle.

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