DRC, EU look to boost transparency in mineral supply chain

The European Union is facing friction with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) over a recent mineral traceability deal with neighboring Rwanda.

The DRC accuses Rwanda of plundering its mineral wealth, particularly from mines in the war-torn eastern region.

Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi slammed the EU-Rwanda agreement as “provocative,” further straining relations.

The DRC believes the deal overlooks its concerns about Rwandan support for the M23 rebel group, which recently captured the strategic mining town of Rubaya.

The EU ambassador to Kinshasa, Nicolas Berlanga Martinez, acknowledged shortcomings in communication and a lack of “sensitivity” towards the DRC’s perspective.

He emphasized the EU’s commitment to working with the DRC to ensure the traceability deal benefits them.

He highlighted a pre-existing strategic partnership focused on transparency in the mineral supply chain.

The DRC is a major source of minerals crucial for electronics, including cobalt and coltan.

The EU relies on these minerals, and ensuring their ethical sourcing is a priority.

However, navigating the complex political landscape of the region and addressing the DRC’s concerns remains a challenge for the EU.

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