Egypt’s electricity exports to Sudan and Jordan reach 180 MW

Sources in the Ministry of Electricity revealed that Egypt has not stopped exporting electricity to Jordan or Sudan despite the recent power load-shedding crisis in the country over the past two month with the total daily electricity exported to both countries ranges from 150 to 180 megawatts.

The sources added that the electricity exchange agreements cannot be violated, and Egypt is committed to them without any changes despite the increase in outstanding dues. Consultations on this matter are taking place at the level of the political leadership in the countries concerned.

The total electricity exported to Sudan ranges between 60 and 80 megawatts per day. The plan was to work on increasing and strengthening the power connection line, but due to the current circumstances in Sudan, the work stopped.

The electrical interconnection projects primarily rely on electricity exchange. In the case of the Egyptian network needing electrical capacity, it will receive it as planned in projects like the electrical interconnection project with Saudi Arabia, which is currently under implementation and has 3,000 megawatts of capacity.

Sudan generates around 3,000 megawatts of electricity, with approximately half of it coming from dams on the Nile. About half of the population doesn’t get electricity coverage. On the other hand, Egypt has significant food import needs, including meat, grains, and oils, and Sudan is a key market for supplying part of these needs, especially live animals.

The electrical interconnection project with Jordan has a capacity of 550 megawatts, and the Egyptian-Jordanian Supreme Committee agreed to enhance the interconnection capacity to create greater synergy between the Egyptian and Jordanian electricity sectors.

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