Ethiopia announces completion of Nile Renaissance mega-dam’s filling

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared on Sunday that Ethiopia has successfully concluded the filling of its Grand Renaissance Dam on the Nile, a source of regional tensions with downstream Egypt and Sudan.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the successful completion of the fourth and final filling of the Renaissance Dam,” Abiy said in a message on X, formerly Twitter, which comes as negotiation between the three countries resumed August 27.

“There was a lot of challenge, we were many times dragged to go backwards. We had an internal challenge and external pressure. We’ve reached (this stage) by coping together with God,” he said.

“I believe that we will finish what we have planned next,” he said.

Deemed crucial by Addis Ababa, the colossal $4.2-billion dam has been the focal point of a regional dispute since Ethiopia commenced construction on the project in 2011. Egypt has expressed concerns that the dam could reduce its allocation of Nile water.

The ongoing discussions, which have recommenced after nearly two and a half years, are striving to achieve an agreement that considers the interests and apprehensions of all three nations,” as stated by Egyptian Irrigation Minister Hani Sewilam.

Miinster also called for “an end to unilateral actions.”

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